Revolution Time

by Down By Law

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released December 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Down By Law Tampa, Florida

Dave Smalley - vocals, guitar
Sam Williams - guitar, vocals
Kevin Coss - bass
Noel Bisesti - drums

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Track Name: New Autonomy
One more time, I'm done with you
Just stand there like you always do
You're in line
You're on time
But you're out of tune
Heart's pump up a lonely beat
Your lips hum the saddest key
It's the coldest melody

It's a new autonomy
The word is on the street

I said I'm sorry
Now say you're wrong
Save my dance while I sing my song
I'm walking in a world of sin
I won't apologize again
Lock me out or let me in

You ain't selling what I need
I manufacture love high speed
One mistake not a tragedy

I'm a tattered flag
On a basement floor
Wracked with guilt
But regret's a bore
I'm in first place with the lowest score
Track Name: Paper Cowboys
Everywhere I look I'm seeing paper cowboys
And pretty maids who's names I'll never know
Sometimes I feel so cold just like Angel Eyes
Be the fastest draw and never let you go

I got a reason, I
I got a rhyme, I
Well life's tough so keep your eye on the prize

You've changed but still at heart you're the reason
I'm taking all my liberties with you
Haters and takers just want to change you dear
They make me red and leave you feeling blue

With a left and a right we'll escape tonight
We'll rise above the undertakers
We'll fight a cause worth fighting for
No shame when we meet our maker
Track Name: Rebel Conformist
it's not that i hate the empire
you say -- you hate it a lot
but what's the point in rebellion if it ain't got a shot?
(or: if your side is on top)
you say there's nothing you can do
your life is submission to those you chose
the truth is, you're no longer a rebel at all

above the lies
above your hate
stop and evaluate

look around - see it all around you
swallow everything they put on your plate
bow and scrape cause you like your master's face
those who won't submit get all of your hate

you say you're fighting for "the" truth
you hate all those who aren't like you
(or: don't think like you)
your so-called rebellion only goes one way
everybody's got a master -- the question is: is that ok?
it's easier to follow than to think
here's the kool-aide, take another drink

i remember, cause i'm getting old
you said you'd never be sold
all kinds of people would be at the shows
now you're all about lockstep
that's how you roll

conformity or variety?
which one do you really want to see?
follow millionaires and billionaires
so pretty and without a care
they're like your gods today
you love them cause they think your way
those who don't really stick in your craw
but we can't take a shot if it's against the law
Track Name: The Future Is Cancelled
I don't care what people say
You're better off when I'm away
If I'm the world to you
Then the world's a lonely place
It's true
Destiny's a funny thing
When it leads you straight into the ground
Six feet below the saddest town

Can't stand another day knocked down

Well I miss you, do you miss me too?
Or are the memories too new?
You thought you realized how blue
But you never even had a clue
Well take the shadows from your eyes
And let your conscience realign

I'm standing in the darkest room
I'll you turn the lights on soon
You'll be the only one that hears
When I'm done talking to the sky
It'll be a lovely day to die
Track Name: Radio Silence
Since radio silence
And yet each song
Still tears a paper heart
From Elvis to Paul
From Hank to Patsy
There is nowhere to escape
The days of radio pain

So with deep affection
I wish you pain
From shards of broken promise

Songs of solace
Driving in the rain
Each one reminds me of
A love that still remains
I need music in my life
To carry me away
Each song just carries me
To a hurting memory
To a place I don't want to be
But radio silence
Gives you final victory

We all still cling
So stubbornly
To hope that somehow
The person who pushed us free
Will return
Track Name: New Horizon
he grew up in a different and place
with a lot more truth and a lot less hate
looks around now, he doesn't know the place
the rulers smile and say accept your fate

riot, riot! it's time to energize!
make for a new horizon
the discontent is rising
and the decibels are crying
make for a new horizon

they said we were free to disagree
but they meant as long as you agree with me
and if you don't, there's plenty of room in the cells tonight
but as they drag him away, he's got one thing to say:
you can all go to hell tonight

from the young to the grey
they think you should just obey
take their scraps, don't question
spot the lies but don't dare mention
the change has come, it's your detention
Track Name: Midnight Fighters
Here's to the midnight fighters
Thick & thin, the midnight fighters
We're the tattered story
We're the tattooed glory
We're the flavor of the year
And yesterday is almost here

On a mission since '81
Live like a rocker
Die like you mean it
Living like a smoking gun
Live for a reason
Life is a season

Here's to the Midnight Fighters...

A code of honor
A badge of pride
They always said we could never win
Now the night is close behind
And are you proud of where you've been
We built ourselves, and paved a way
Lit a torch for another day

Midnight fighters here's to you
For all you've done, and all you do

Everybody said we were wasting our time
We didn't listen, we kept on trying